Welcome Back

What We Can Do For Your Employees

Five Star can give your employees peace of mind and something to be excited about as they are returning to the workplace. We are offering new ways for your employees to purchase their favorite snack or drink, including the Avenue C Connect & Pay app which allows for Touchless Transactions and foot pedals for hands-free water dispensing. Avenue C Bucks are also available as an incentive program for your employees and can be used on any products in our micro markets or vending machines. Amid the fluid circumstances surrounding COVID-19, the entire Five Star team is actively engaged and taking decisive and necessary action to ensure our customers remain safe and at rest during breaks from work, play, or anywhere else they engage with us.

See below for updates on COVID-19 from the CDC

Employee Benefits & Touchless Technology

Connect & Pay App

Your employees can now purchase items from our micro markets using Touchless Transactions through the Connect & Pay app. Scan the QR code on your left to download Connect & Pay on Google Play or the App Store.

Micro Markets

Hands-Free Water Dispensing

Providing a hands-free experience in your breakroom is now the new standard. Let us keep your employees healthy by installing hygienic foot pedals in your water dispensers.

Get Hydrated

Avenue C Bucks

Avenue C Bucks are the perfect incentive to give your employees that are coming back to the office. Whether they are used as a reward for meeting a goal or just as a token of appreciation, your employees will enjoy a drink or snack on the house.

Centers for Disease Control

The CDC has updated their website to include the latest workplace guidelines including suggestions on how to handle employees returning to the workplace.

COVID-19 Info