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Water filtration is all about clean water. It reduces the presence of impurities found in water such as odors, taste, chemicals, sediment, and more. Often, systems are also outfitted with UV disinfectant to keep your water free of bacteria. Five Star offers high quality, attractive water filtration units, so you can rest easy knowing the water you’re drinking is the best.  Our team will work with your to find the perfect water unit for your workplace.

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Crystal Mountain Crystal Pro

Enjoy purified drinking water that also tastes great with the Crystal Mountain Crystal Pro purified water dispenser. This product is designed to bring safe drinking water to your facility and fellow associates.

Natural Choice Ion

Every glass is freshly filtered and instantly chilled in a Sealed Water Pathway, where air never contacts the water supply. Unlike other coolers, ION’s proprietary design has no reservoir to clean or sanitize.

Follet Series 7

This antimicrobial ice and water unit is a favorite among our customers offering their favorite ice and clean drinking water.


Known as “The Cooler water cooler” the Lavit machine offers not only purified drinking water, but also flavored still and sparkling beverages from iced teas to flavors that offer energy.


Want to make an impression – Bevi provides customizable still, sparkling, and flavored water on demand. (Pure filtered water included.) Presented in a branded countertop or floor model that is sure to draw attention.

Crystal Mountain Ice & Water Cooler

Enjoy pure ice and water that tastes great. The Crystal Mountian Ice & Water cooler  was designed to be used with Bottled water (5 Gallon) or a Point-of-Use filtration or Reverse Osmosis system, so your options are endless with this unit.