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Make clean drinking water accessible

One of the most basic components of a balanced diet is also one of the simplest: water. It’s estimated that water makes up approximately two-thirds of the human body and that we should drink anywhere from six to eight glasses a day. Help your associates make better choices today at a fraction of the cost of individually bottled alternatives. Five Star offers multiple water systems for every budget from water filtration units to five-gallon bottled water coolers. What makes us different? Five Star sanitizes and cleans our coolers at no charge to you with food-grade sanitizer. Five Star also offers touchless or contactless ways to get water out of a machine. Ask us today!

Filtered Water

Looking to ditch the plastic bottle? How about a touchless water unit? Five Star offers point-of-use (POU) filtered water coolers from Natural Choice, Follett, Bevi, and Borg & Overstrom. These bottle-less water coolers connect to your breakroom’s existing water source and are available as space-efficient countertop units or stand-alone filtered water stations. Filtered water machines play a role in many of our customers’ corporate sustainability programs.

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5 Gallon Bottled Water

Five Star has over 25 years of experience delivering customers clean, chemical-free spring water. Our locally-sourced 5-gallon pure spring drinking bottled water provides an economical, sustainable, and healthy way to hydrate employees when a water line isn’t nearby. Our hot and cold bottled water coolers are sanitary, easy to use, and maintenance-free. Five Star looks forward to being your trusted provider to keep your employees and guests hydrated!

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Water by the Pallet

Employee hydration programs are essential to keeping them safe, healthy, and productive at work. Five Star Food Service offers single-serve bottled water by the case, pallet, or truckload from economic and national bottled water brands. Bulk single-serve bottled water programs come in handy during the seasonally hot months when a water cooler may not be nearby or be able to keep up with the demand for employee hydration.

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Water Add-On - Sqwinchers

Fight the Summer heat with our Squincher products.  These electrolyte freezer pops or powder sticks for water are available now for purchase. This is a great way to keep your employees hydrated during the hot, humid months.

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