Office Snacks

Create a Robust Break Room Kitchen

Pantry service improves the employee experience.

Everyone knows people gather in the kitchen – so create an atmosphere where your employees can collaborate and build a strong company culture while enjoying a cup of locally roasted coffee and the office snacks they crave. Every business is different – that’s where we come in – we’re here to build a customized pantry breakroom solution to serve your associates. Pantry service is simply allowing us to stock your breakroom or “kitchen” with fresh snacks, refreshing beverages, and craft coffee, so you don’t have to. 

Most know a workplace’s atmosphere can make or break a company. Gaining and keeping valuable, talented employees can be difficult when competing against so many other businesses. Large companies like Google and Facebook have began paving the way for expectations of employee benefits, including access to a community pantry and kitchen area. This new approach may seem intimidating, but Five Star is here to help from start to finish to provide an amazing space for your employees.



“An impressive employee benefit!”


Attract new employees and improve staff retention


Healthy, nutritious food selections


Create a positive office culture


Becomes a convenient, unique employee benefit


No restock hassle - we do that for you


Built for You

Tell us your vision and we’ll work to make that a reality. Food, services, design, and budget are all key factors to a successful pantry break room. We work with you to stay up to date on new product offerings, including healthy choices your employees can enjoy.

3D Renderings

Our marketing team can bring your design to life with renderings of what your new pantry will look like. Whether we assist with a complete renovation, or update your current space, this tool helps you and your employees visualize the end result.