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September 25, 2019

Rainsville Vending Expansion

It is easy to see the transformation of this local Rainsville, Alabama business’ break room. The Rainsville vending expansion to a micro-market instantly upgraded their break room aesthetics.  Many Alabama companies are opting for self-checkout micro markets in their break rooms instead of traditional vending machines. Markets offer a wider variety of snacks, beverages, and fresh food products – including healthy items. On average the variety increases from 75 choices to over 300 choices.  Furthermore, markets allow consumers to touch and handle products before purchasing, helping them make educated decisions with quicker access to the nutritional information. Most importantly, having a wider variety of healthy products is becoming essential as younger generations enter the workforce in Alabama.

Creating a break room that feels more like a destination rather than a traditional break room is Five Star Food Service’s goal. Consequently, with the Rainsville vending expansion more and more businesses are converting from vending to micro-markets. Each market features high quality cabinetry with trendy colors. Not only do markets look nice, but it offers customers product discounts and promotional giveaways. Lastly, markets have been a hit among employees when installed at their workplaces increasing employee satisfaction.

remove vending and add a market

Converting from vending to a market is easy. From 25 employees to thousands of employees – Five Star Food Service has a solution. Our local Rainsville, Alabama team is excited to build lasting partnerships with great companies. Join the team and convert your vending machine to a micro-market today! Contact Five Star Food Service to learn more about our services!  Not sure you are in our area? Check here

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