Water and vending in Atlanta

Water and Vending Machines in Atlanta

Do you drink enough water on a daily basis to meet your health needs? You don’t if you’re like 77 percent of a group of…

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Atlanta, Watch Out For Caffeine Lurking In Your Beverages And Snacks

In 2018, the number of beverages, snacks, and food that contain caffeine has skyrocketed. Whether it’s espresso, coffee, decaffeinated coffee, hot or iced tea, caffeinated…

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Atlanta enjoys bottled water

Atlanta Enjoys Bottled Water

Bottled water continues to be a popular choice for both refreshment and rehydration in Atlanta. As the seasons change, Atlanta employees are getting ready for…

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Finding good coffee in Atlanta

Finding Coffee Vending In Atlanta

Enjoying coffee continues to be a daily experience for 64 percent of Americans. According to research performed by the National Coffee Association (NCA), 5 percent…

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Healthy vending snacks in Atlanta

Healthy Vending Snacks in Atlanta

If Atlanta employees look closely, they will see that there are new better-for-you healthy vending snacks to be enjoyed. This is good news for…

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Five Star To Acquire Eagle Vending

Five Star Food Service, one of Canteen’s largest franchises, has announced the acquisition of Eagle Vending Company Inc., a Marietta, GA based company. Since…

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