Office Coffee Buzzing In Atlanta

Years ago, the common business office was a simpler place. This was certainly evident with office coffee. If it was available at all, there were…

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More Employees In Atlanta Embrace Plant-Based, Organic And Non-GMO Foods

Do you wonder why major supermarket chains and national restaurant operators are adopting more “better for you,” natural and organic foods? Because consumers are demanding…

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Water, Water Everywhere… So Why Not Drink It?

Everyone knows that drinking more water in Atlanta and less soda or sugar-sweetened beverages is a good idea for supporting a healthy lifestyle, but now a recent…

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Americans Will Pay Extra For Snacks With High Quality Ingredients

Most Americans know the benefits of eating healthy, even if it’s just losing some weight. In addition, many Americans want to eat healthier, but lack…

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Small pantry

The Best Decision You Ever Made (That Didn’t Cost You A Thing)

Vending machines occupy breakrooms in offices across the country. They offer convenience, provide delicious, healthy snacks and allow a snack/meal break when restaurants and…

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Move Over Coffee, There’s A “New” Drink In Atlanta

What’s the world’s second most consumed beverage, second only to water? Tea (that’s right, not coffee) Why? Experts attribute the growing demand to three primary…

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