The New Meal In Atlanta

By previous standards, it wouldn’t be considered a meal. It isn’t always consumed at traditional mealtimes or eaten at a table. But according to those…

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Atlanta, How Do You Drink Your Coffee?

Did you know that the majority of U.S. coffee drinkers do not drink their coffee black? According to the most recent National Coffee Association’s National…

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Micro Market Snacks and Kiosk

When Is An Atlanta Vending Machine Not A Vending Machine?

When it’s a micro-market! At first glance, an Atlanta consumer might see a micro-market and think it is just a decorated space with vending machines, but…

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Atlanta, Meet The Gluten-Free Snack

With the number of Atlanta individuals who have to navigate life without gluten because of an illness like Celiac Disease, it is helpful to know…

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Mobile Payments And Growth Spurts In Atlanta

“There will be exponential growth in mobile payments in the U.S. over the next five years.” – “The Mobile World of Retail,” a BRP Special…

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Atlanta, Is Your Coffee Service Up To Date?

Have you noticed that coffee has had a makeover? Kyra Auffermann, National Coffee Association communications and content manager, described it best when she wrote, “Coffee”…

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