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February 20, 2019

Our Use of Tablet-Based Technology‘s Mary Stroka recently wrote an article on how Five Star Food Service utilizes Tablets in micro markets.

“As the micro market industry grows, operators have  been able to find cost-efficient ways to provide services to smaller offices.

For instance, one such company is Five Star Food Service, which has its headquarters in Chattanooga, TN. The operator has found success in using tablet technology in its services to smaller clients.

Setting parameters for using tablets 

Mark Stephanos, senior vice president of micro markets for the company, said Five Star learned from 365 Retail Markets of the concept of an expanding need in the industry for micro markets at smaller locations or “nano markets” that traditionally may have had a small snack machine or drink machine that was underutilized. 

365 Retail Markets also asked Five Star to do a test with the smaller market concept. That’s also how Five Star became involved in providing service to smaller markets, Stephanos said. 

The vast majority of Five Star’s approximately 1,300 markets are large enough to sustain a regular micro market with a full-size kiosk, the company has 60 small markets where they also provide small market tablets for employees of the company client to use, Stephanos said. “

Read Full Article here to learn about cashless payments and Five Star’s advice to operators. 

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