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February 19, 2019

Nespresso – Our New Partnership

Accessible espresso should be available for all of your employees to keep them charged in the morning.  Five Star’s newest partner,  Nespresso, brings office coffee to the next level by offering high-quality espresso and milk frothing capabilities. Easy-to-use, sustainable pods are placed in the Nespresso machine for quick access to delicious espresso. The sustainability program of Nespresso is also like no other. Every customer receives a pre-paid shipping bag for all the used Nespresso pods. All the customer has to do as seal and ship when the bag gets full.  Sustainability program combined with delicious espresso, custom beverages – it’s a win-win.

Our favorite machine, the Nespresso Gemini offers two brew heads and a built-in milk frother. The Gemini makes two coffees at the same time, so there is no wait time. Contact us today to learn about our new Nespresso program.


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