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May 15, 2017

Make Your Atlanta Break Room New Again

In Gulfport, Mississippi, high school students in the National Technical Honor Society built a vending machine that, from a distance, appears to be a normal vending machine. After taking a closer look, however, it is clear that this vending machine is unique and special. It is an older vending machine that has been turned into a solar-powered vending machine that dispenses free personal hygiene products to the homeless in the community.

While researching project ideas for a device that blends STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics) research with a community need, the students realize that there is a gap between when shelters and soup kitchens were open, and when homeless individuals need help. To fill that need, they took an item that had a specific purpose, was no longer being used, and melded it into something new to meet a current need. Their approach is not new and can be adopted by anyone including Atlanta organizations that need to change up their office break room to provide important benefits for their employees.

Update Your Breakroom

The older office break room or office kitchen is usually an unloved space located in an out-of-the-way location. Often it included poor lighting, a basic table and chairs, minimal amenities, and a traditional vending machine. Employees, especially Millennials, are looking for something different and have changed the way office break rooms are viewed. They are now seen as an important space that should inspire creativity and productivity, provide a spot to relax and interact with coworkers, and enjoy a meal or healthy snack.

To encourage your Atlanta employees to stay on site to enjoy that meal or snack, consider offering pantry service, specialty coffee service, or an onsite micro-market as a benefit in your office break room. Below are a few important points to know about each option.

Pantry Service

  • Employees pay part of none of the cost for beverages, snacks, or meals while they are at work
  • Higher perceived value by employees
  • Employees are less likely to leave the office for a meal or break, which can increase overall productivity

Specialty Coffee Service

  • Many specialty coffee services use sourced coffee beans and locally roasted coffees creating a unique coffee experience
  • In addition to specialty hot coffees, many vendors now offer cold brew coffees as well
  • Encourages employees to enjoy a well-made cup of joe without leaving the office


  • Offer employees a wide range of healthy snacks, beverages, and also meal options
  • Use self-checkout kiosks so employees can access healthy choices at any time of the day
  • Help employers attract and also retain employees. (it’s an awesome benefit!) and decrease expenses related to other types of food service

Have you considered adding one of these great benefits to your Atlanta office break room? We’d love to help you determine which one fits your needs best. Already offer specialty coffee service or micro-market?  Also looking to change-up your offerings? We can help you with that. Contact Southern Refreshment Services at 770-939-9299 to learn more.

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