touchless water technology

Contactless Water Solutions

Never have to touch the water machine again with these touchless or contactless water solutions. Many of our water manufacturers have created foot…

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Popular beverage in Atlanta, infused lemon water

Popular Beverages In Atlanta

Atlanta residents and employees are hunting for new beverages that meet a variety of wellness-related needs. To stay current and keep up with growing demand,…

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office water delivery service

Water Service Benefits For Employees

Summer is fast approaching – Five Star offers office water packages that will keep your staff hydrated and focused on being productive. Discover the…

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Bottled water for Atlanta Consumers

Bottled Water For Atlanta Consumers

Did you know that there’s a podcast about bottled water? The International Bottled Water Association (IBWA) recently launched the podcast titled H2O In The Know. Each…

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Water and vending in Atlanta

Water and Vending Machines in Atlanta

Do you drink enough water on a daily basis to meet your health needs? You don’t if you’re like 77 percent of a group of…

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Atlanta enjoys bottled water

Atlanta Enjoys Bottled Water

Bottled water continues to be a popular choice for both refreshment and rehydration in Atlanta. As the seasons change, Atlanta employees are getting ready for…

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