Cocoa beans next to ground up cocoa beans in the shape of a heart

Healthy Tips For Atlanta’s Hearts

Give yourself the gift of a healthy heart this holiday season and celebrate with some delicious dark chocolate — yes, dark chocolate. We know that…

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stocking drink cooler

Atlanta, Do You Have A Unique Vending Machine Story?

Cabbage, lobster, clothing, gold bars, and champagne are a few of the random items that can be purchased in a vending machine somewhere in the…

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Break Room Perks In Atlanta Change With Each Generation

Which break room benefit do your Atlanta employees value the most? The answer might surprise you. It depends on which generation the majority of your…

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Caesar salad with croutons, romaine lettuce, Parmesan cheese, and Caesar dressing drizzled on top

Healthy Vending Choices Take Over Atlanta Break Rooms

Have you ever considered what might happen if you were to offer healthy vending machine options in your Atlanta break room? Would your break room…

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Water, Vending Machines, And Hydration In Atlanta

Do you drink enough water on a daily basis to meet your health needs? If you’re like 77 percent of a group of recently surveyed,…

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Atlanta, Watch Out For Caffeine Lurking In Your Beverages And Snacks

In 2018, the number of beverages, snacks, and food that contain caffeine has skyrocketed. Whether it’s espresso, coffee, decaffeinated coffee, hot or iced tea, caffeinated…

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