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Atlanta looks for vending meals

Atlanta Is Looking For Vending Meals

What is a Snack Meal? Even if you haven’t heard of the term “snack meal,” you’ve likely experienced it. A snack meal is a…

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Avenue C brand fully stocked beverage cooler beside a chip rack and a self service touch screen checkout device

Our Use of Tablet-Based Technology

VendingMarketWatch.com‘s Mary Stroka recently wrote an article on how Five Star Food Service utilizes Tablets in micro markets. “As the micro market…

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Break Room Perks In Atlanta Change With Each Generation

Which break room benefit do your Atlanta employees value the most? The answer might surprise you. It depends on which generation the majority of your…

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Water and vending in Atlanta

Water and Vending Machines in Atlanta

Do you drink enough water on a daily basis to meet your health needs? You don’t if you’re like 77 percent of a group of…

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canteen phone app

Why Five Star Food Service Is Betting On Mobile To Improve The Micro Market Customer Experience

Emily Refermat wrote an article on Five Star’s use of connect and Pay – “Easier. Faster. Better. Those ideas are the basis of new technology…

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Look Out For New Technology In Atlanta

Have you ever thought about which technology you might see in the future in your Atlanta office break room? Many of those new technologies are…

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