Map of Alabama Vending Expansion

Alabama Vending Expansion

Five Star Food Service has expanded into Dothan, Alabama, and Southern Georgia. Now, Five Star is now offering micro markets, vending, dining, and refreshment…

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Atlanta coffee has health benefits

Atlanta Coffee For Health Benefits

The reputation of coffee keeps getting better as scientists learn more about it. A recent study by Dr. Donald Weaver, Senior Scientist and Research…

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office water delivery service

Water Service Benefits For Employees

Summer is fast approaching – Five Star offers office water packages that will keep your staff hydrated and focused on being productive. Discover the…

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Nespresso Gemini machine that is dispensing two cups of coffee simultaneously

Nespresso – Our New Partnership

Accessible espresso should be available for all of your employees to keep them charged in the morning.  Five Star’s newest partner,  Nespresso, brings office…

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Atlanta office coffee is evolving to include new coffee

Atlanta Office Coffee Service Evolves

Coffee Service Evolution The blueprint of the local coffee shop continues to evolve as the broader coffee industry grows and consumer demands change. New roasting…

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Cappuccino siting on a plate on a table

It’s Time To Celebrate Coffee Atlanta

Coffee’s Health Benefits No matter the time of day or year, Americans love coffee in all of its many forms. Whether it’s the traditional version…

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