Vending Machine Service for Your Nashville Business

 Five Star Food Service aims to provide your Nashville business with the best vending service available. Our vending machines offer the latest features, guaranteed product delivery systems, and mobile and cashless payments. Employees will never have to step foot outside of the office as they will have access to the most recommended vending service in the Middle Tennessee area. Five Star offers a variety of healthy vending options including fruit, salads, and sandwiches so you don’t have to worry about settling for chips as a meal. We can also customize your food and beverage vending machines to fit the personal tastes of your Nashville employees.  

Office Coffee and Water Filtration Services for your Middle Tennessee Breakroom

Five Star’s best-in-class office coffee and water services are the perfect addition to your Nashville employee benefits and company culture programs. You can always count on us to keep your breakroom fully stocked with the greatest Nashville coffee and complementary products. Our team helps you craft a personally catered menu of premium Nashville roasts that will delight your guests and employees. We provide sustainable cups, lids, stir sticks, napkins, flavored powder and liquid creamers, and more. Providing quality coffee, tea, and water for your office is one of the easiest ways to maximize employee engagement and productivity high all day long! Five Star’s coffee service provides everything you need to brew a cup of coffee or tea just the way you like it. We also offer a water filtration service that is dedicated to keeping your Nashville employees hydrated. Our environmentally friendly water filtration service is a great addition to your Nashville business. We offer five-gallon bottled jugs as well as the plumbed in bottle-less units that include hot and cold temperature options.  

Nashville is Calling for Micro-Markets

The micro-market is an addition to your Nashville business that you didn’t know you needed. Micro-markets use racks, shelves, and glass-front coolers that offer the space needed for hundreds of product selections. Purchases are made easily and securely at a touchscreen, self-checkout kiosk which accepts credit, debit, Apple Pay, and Google Wallet. Worried about theft? Not to worry, your micro-market would be monitored 24/7 to ensure the highest level of food safety. Micro-markets provide access to the greatest number of healthy products such as gluten-free foods and gourmet salads. Give your employees the variety of choices they deserve!

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