Muscle Shoals

The Benefits of Vending Machines in Muscle Shoals

Your office located in the Huntsville area will see an immediate boost in morale and productivity from the buzz created by the installation of your new vending machines. We give you hundreds of options for vending machines, including: Pepsi Cola vending machines, Coca Cola vending machines, snack vending machines, coffee, hot/cold or frozen foods, healthy foods and beverages and candy vending machines. We're ready to supply the foods and beverages your employees need to stay focused in their jobs. From classic sodas to enhanced water options, we ensure that your beverages will always taste refreshing.

The Ultimate Office Coffee Service and Water Filtration in Muscle Shoals

Five Star Food Service is a company that is dedicated to supplying responsibly sourced coffee for your office break room. You'll get brand new brewing equipment and we'll take care of everything in your break room. Your shelves will always be filled with all your favorites! You'll get name brand coffees, new single cup brewers and all the condiments too. With our advanced coffee equipment, your office break room will be like no other in the Huntsville area.

Five Star Food Service also does plumb in water filtration units for your office break room. Have a refreshing cup of cold water whenever you want one or filter hot water for your cup of ramen! We offer a variety of filtered water options such as, five-gallon bottle jugs as well as the plumbed in bottle-less units, a water filtration service that hooks up directly into your water line. There is nothing like the taste of fresh, purified water to get you through a day’s worth of work.

Huntsville Area Loves Micro-Markets

If you have a large enough workforce, we can also install your very own convenience store onsite! With open coolers and wracks where employees can personally pick out the items that they would like to purchase. Micro-markets increase the variety of options that are offered which caters to more people’s preferences. Our “Avenue C” branded markets create a destination for your employees to visit to get the fuel they need to do their best job for you! Micro-markets are run by self-checkout kiosks that allow customers to run the entire purchase.

Want to know more about Five Star Food Service for your Huntsville area business? Please give us a call at 256-381-3900 or email us at