Knoxville is Raving About Vending Machines

Our state-of-the-art vending technology is built to provide your Knoxville employees with name brand beverages, traditional and healthy snacks, as well as frozen entrees and desserts. We can customize your food and beverage vending machines to fit the tastes of your Knoxville employees. Hot beverage vending machines are an option as well which provide your employees with a nice hot cup of coffee, tea, hot chocolate or any other specialty beverage. We even provide healthy vending machine options that offer granola bars, fruit, salads, and non-carbonate beverages.

Unique Office Coffee Service and Water Filtration in Knoxville

 There is nothing better than having an East Tennessee office break room that provides an assortment of coffees and teas with advanced coffee equipment. We ensure that your coffee supplies are always in stock, including stir sticks, napkins, plates, creamers, and utensils. Our single cup brewers are beneficial to coffee users that enjoy drinking lattes, cappuccinos and mochas.

A cold, refreshing glass of water is exactly what your Knoxville employees will get from our water filtration service. We are East Tennessee's #1 market share leader in office water service. It is a great benefit as a standalone service as well as to provide great tasting coffee and tea. Our bottle less water filtration units are a great addition to your Knoxville office break room because not only are they eco-friendly but they leave you with pure refreshing water that removes impurities that affect taste. Don't have a water source near your break area? We've got you covered with our five-gallon bottled water program as well!

The Micro-Market Meets Knoxville

 The micro-market is similar to a small corner store for your Knoxville office break room. Micro-markets provide a variety of fresh food and beverage options that you wouldn’t get in a vending machine. It is as easy as swiping your credit or debit card through the self-checkout kiosk. They include healthy options that cater to certain diet preferences such as gluten-free, organic, and non-GMO. They also cater to the employees that work longer hours because the store is open 24 hours a day.

Five Star Food Service can answer all of your vending questions by calling 865-977-7332 or email us at