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Welcome to Five Star Dothan, our newest branch location! We are thrilled to provide premium at-work fresh food, drink, and snack employee benefit programs. Our local team and experienced staff offer today’s best brands and latest (and safest) technology in vending machines, office coffee brewers, filtered water, micro-markets, and company kitchen experiences for your South Alabama workplace. We love meeting new people, give us a call at (334) 600-2740 or email us at for a FREE consultation and quote!

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South Alabama's Best Micro-Market Service Provider

Micro-markets are the best addition to any Dothan manufacturing plant or business office break room. Micro-markets hold a larger variety of products than vending machines (4-5 times), including fresh food. Your Five Star Avenue C micro-market is customized to your breakroom space and to reflect the tastes of your employees from carbonated beverages to healthy alternatives. The self-checkout kiosks allow the micro-market to be open for 24 hours a day and they accept both credit and debit. Each cooler and freezer is equipped with remote temperature monitoring to ensure the quality and safety of our refrigerated and frozen food.

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Keep Your Dothan Office Happy & Engaged

Providing your Southeast Alabama employees with energy-packed coffee in the office is a great way to boost company morale and productivity. We offer traditional equipment that allows employees to brew themselves a pot of coffee with any gourmet flavor. Of course, for the modern craft coffee drinkers we offer single cup brewers that are designed for everyone to brew up a cup of coffee their own way.

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Vending Machines for your Alabama Business

Five Star Food Service will customize your vending machines to fit the personal tastes of your Dothan, Alabama or Albany, Georgia employees. We offer a variety of healthy vending options including fruit cups, salads, and sandwiches so you don’t have to worry about settling for chips as a meal. Our full line vending offers the latest technology, allowing employees to make cashless payments using their credit or debit card, or even their mobile phone via Apple Pay and Google Pay. Keep your employees satisfied fully stocked vending machines with a wide variety of fresh food, snacks, and drinks!

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Stay Hydrated with Pure Filtered Water in Dothan

Filtered water and bottled water are two essential breakroom services that Five Star Dothan offers, designed to provide your South Alabama employees with a hydration program with great tasting, pure water. Hot or cold filtered water at your fingertips, whenever you need it. Our water filtration service removes impurities that affect taste which leaves you with better tasting, safer water.

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Reduce Your Footprint With Our Sustainable Breakroom Products

We are committed to protecting our planet for the next generation! As an authorized distributor of Emerald Brand sustainable products, we are here to help you reduce your company’s carbon footprint to combat climate change at an affordable price. Our programs through Emerald are customized to meet your demands. Their revolutionary products are made Tree-Free and with Plant To PlasticĀ® technology.

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Catering Business Events Is Our Specialty

Treat your employees or business guests to a delicious hot meal for any occasion. Allmora Catering serves thousands of meals daily from its professional kitchen located at our Austell facility. The capabilities are endless with Allmora Catering – whether you’re hosting a box lunch or barbecue cookout for thousands of your employees or an exclusive black-tie event for a select few executives – we’ve got you covered.

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