Great Vending Machines for North Alabama

Providing onsite vending machines allows for less time spent in long lines and more time spent being productive in your North Alabama office in Decatur, Huntsville, Athens, or Madison. We allow you to customize your vending machines so that they provide everyone’s favorite snacks and beverages. You don’t have to worry about settling for chips as a meal, we also offer wide variety of healthy options as well, including fruit, sandwiches, and salads. Keep your employees satisfied with fully stocked vending machines and providing options for everybody.

Office Coffee and Water Filtration Service for Northern Alabama Businesses

When you have Five Star Food Service handle the office coffee needs of your Huntsville business you'll start seeing a difference immediately. We'll bring in new brewing equipment, name brand coffees and teas, filters, cups, plates, napkins, sweeteners, sugar, creamers and stir sticks fully stocked to keep coffee flowing and employees going. You'll never have to run out for supplies or hear employees complaining about the lack of coffee ever again. With our single cup brewing systems, they can get a fresh brewed cup 24 hours a day. Five Star Food Service can also install water filtration at your Northern Alabama office to supply an endless stream of great tasting water. Have hot or cold filtered water whenever you need it. Our water filtration service removes impurities that affect taste which leaves you with better tasting water, which can easily be applied to our coffees and teas. We offer five-gallon bottle jugs as well as the plumbed in bottle-less units.

The best micro market for your North Alabama or Huntsville Workplace

A micro-market is exactly what your North Alabama business needs. Turn the snack area into a small market with a self-checkout kiosk. Micro-markets provide a fun and unique feel to break room snacking with self-checkout touchscreen kiosks and debit or credit card payments. Another benefit to micro-markets is that consumers can read the label before purchasing. Each cooler and freezer is equipped with remote temperature monitoring to ensure the quality and safety of our refrigerated and frozen food. Want to know more about Five Star Food Service for your North Alabama business? Please give us a call at 256-353-6713 or email us at